Make your bathroom more luminous with light colors

Not only it is possible to make your bathroom more luminous with light colors, but in addition, it is recommended for the bathrooms more small and without natural light or with very little sunlight.

bright bathroom

Although light colors are not your favorite, in the case of the bathroom then, without doubt, the contribution of light that these tone you gave if you use them wisely and strategically.


Keep it simple whites are the most successful and meet the biggest advantages, including being the most economic, of course, these are the more light that will bring to your bathroom.


Avoid total white, but bets on colors related as beige or the range of the earth. You can include, that yes, a touch of strong color as a border or on a wall or half-from the middle to the floor in the shower or bath space, for example.


If you like, as well as brightness, create sense of warmth in this space of your home, choose ceramic tiles, but which mimic wood and within these, those of lighter woods such as pine or similar.

If you have space or you can put some furniture in the bathroom, the insurance you’ll get hit with the white or if you prefer, any natural wood of clear tone. Avoid furniture in dark colors and of course, black. Make your bright bathroom with light colors, is the choice more economical and easy to maintain to decorate room, therefore, enjoy great advantages and a toilet much more cheerful and attractive space.