Make a room look bigger

There are several ways to transform a small room into a spacious place. It is simply to create a visual illusion, based on colors, based on colors, lighting and selected furniture correctly.

make room look bigger

In most homes we can find a small room that does not know how to decorate and organize it to make it look more spacious.

There are numerous ideas and strategies to help “expand” our little room. With just a few tweaks can transform the place into a bright, pleasant and peaceful.

The following suggestions will help to create a new space in our home.

Use a light color scheme. Ideals are the pastels, neutrals and whites. Avoid the contrasts, the floor and ceiling should also be light colored. Light colors also give the impression of larger places also give sense of peace.

The lighting is also key. The best in these cases are recessed lights. Avoid the lamps table or standing. Incandescent bulbs are a smart alternative.

The room should not be heavily loaded; the decorations must not be many and not too large.

Use mirrors as accessories is a good choice, as it not only reflect images, but also light. It is a very wise choice to opt for original and mirrored tiles, are inexpensive and very simple to place. Come with glue, just remove the paper covering on the back and place the tiles in the chosen place.

A glass table, either for decoration or for eating, gives a sense of spaciousness.

If you want to wallpaper, do not use large or extravagant print. It’s best to get a sensation of greater size is to use small prints.

The furniture should also have a clear color, not be located in places where clogged and should be few and functional. You can also use chairs without armrests and back draft. If the furniture is made of transparent material, would be fantastic.

Most of these tips we can apply to any environment, including the bathroom.