London’s Top Four Interior Designers

London is the world home of interior design. Put simply, it leaves New York, Paris and Hong Kong in its dust when it comes to creating some of the most inspired and stunning interiors.

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But who are the people behind the designs? Who do you turn to if you need one of the best in the business to turn your house into something truly special?

Caroline Harrowby
In our opinion, Caroline Harrowby is one of the most talented interior designers to have emerged in recent years. Her work has been a constant feature in the design magazines over the past ten years, but has often gone relatively unnoticed as the transient ebbs and flows of style call in and send out the ‘new big thing’ in interior design.

Amongst that, Caroline’s designs have remained steadfast, owing to the timeless feel that she brings to all of her projects. She specialises in large stately homes, manor houses and European villas. She also works on large London based houses, making her one of the most renowned interior designers London has to offer.

Martin Waller
Martin Waller is famed for his strong, bold designs, which shout masculinity with a gravely, bearded voice. His client list boasts Royalty and Prime Ministers. When one thinks ‘bachelor pad’, one usually thinks of masculinity at the expense of creativity and elegancy. Not so with Martin. His interiors are both manly and sophisticated, with strong elegance at its core.

Turner Pocock
Turner Pocock is one of London’s most well know interior design houses. The dynamic duo have a very distinctive flair to their work, making their interiors impossible to mistake.

Their style is very contemporary, but does not lose sight of comfort in being so. A delicate balance.

Ashley Hicks
Ashley is considered by many to be the leading interior designer in the world at the moment. He is certainly very bold and his attention to detail is second to none. He combines striking colors with interesting and standout patterns to create something completely unique of every room.

His client list boasts some very wealthy individuals indeed. An interesting designer… not to everybody’s tastes and with a very large price tag, but to many he is the best!