Location of the bed in the bedroom

The bed is not only important for the decoration of a room, but it is one of the main elements for a good rest. Therefore, its location within a room is crucial.

locate bed in bedroom

Privacy, comfort and good sleep are essential concepts that we have to keep in mind to properly locate our bed in the bedroom.

Tips to position your bed in bedroom

When placing our bed must be clear what will be the most appropriate place. We advise you to be in a space that prevent visibility from the outside, thus protect our privacy.

position your bed in bedroom

If our bedroom to the outside, it is more likely that it can hear street sounds, such as people voices or transport sounds, so we should avoid placing the headboard under the window.

As to the location of the bed to the door of our room, if we can not we will put it directly in front of it but that we must look for a side of the bedroom where the bed is less visible as possible at the time of entering it.

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The south, the best orientation

According to Feng Shui, orienting the head of the bed towards the south favors rest and ease of falling asleep. Therefore, try to place the headboard on the wall that faces south.

If it is completely impossible, choose the wall facing west. This ancestral art ensures that in this way rest will provide you with greater happiness, fortune and prosperity.

Where is the bathroom?

The bathroom in the house symbolizes water. If there is a built-in bathroom in your bedroom, be careful where to place the bed.

For no reason should you place the bed facing the bathroom door. This could cause positive Chi energy to leak out and impair the quality of your sleep.

Also, who doesn’t mind someone walking into the bathroom, turning on the light, and flushing the toilet while we’re sleeping? Well, if the bathroom door is in front of the bed, much worse.

Beware of mirrors

I can’t imagine living without a good mirror to make sure I leave home looking good. Perhaps you think that the bedroom is the best place to place it, and it is not too bad. But do not even think about placing it in front of the bed; just try not to reflect in the mirror. According to experts, reflecting in the mirror while you sleep can harm your health.

More tips for our privacy and comfort

Another way to provide privacy to our bedroom is placing a screen to block visibility from the outside. If on the other hand, we have good views or garden, we can benefit from and locate the bed so that we can observe them from it. We must also take into account the natural light, which will allow us to save energy, for example, when reading.

If we want to watch TV from the bed, it is also important to bear in mind the reflections of the windows, as its may prevent viewing the screen. And finally, we must not forget that if we decide to place our bed next to a wall would be advisable that separate at a bit to avoid damaging the paint area.

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Nothing hanging over the bed

It is better if nothing is hanging over the bed. If so, it should be a light object and not pointed directly. For example, if you can place a dream catcher, but not a large chandelier with points down.

Can objects be stored under the bed?

As we know, the feng Shui motto is that “energy must flow” and keeping items under the bed hinders that flow of energy.

objects stored under bed

Even so, there are times that to save a little space we use the part under the bed as storage. If this is your case, you should know that there are certain things that under no circumstances should you keep under the bed or it will negatively affect the current of energy in your room.

You should avoid keeping objects that bring you bad memories because they will generate bad energy and sadness. An example is the photos or gifts of ex-partners, the bad energy that it gives off can affect your current sentimental situation.

Following this line, the same thing happens with broken objects, in this case instead of affecting your personal relationships, it affects your luck.

Lastly, wilted or dry plants. The energy that flows from these types of plants attract diseases.