Locating the bed in a room

The location of the bed in the room not only responds to a question of aesthetics and decoration, but mostly to its functionality. Knowing locate our bed in the most appropriate place of the room can help us maintain more privacy, and also to seek a better rest.

placing bed


The location of the bed should respect some basic precepts: to prevent visibility from the outside, must maintain our privacy, and should seek blocking drafts and rays of sunlight or artificial, to have the best rest.

The location of the bed with regard to the window

If our room is on the outside, we must locate the bed so that it is not affixed to the window, even a good idea to place the head “back” to it, to have also more privacy. However, if the window facing the street, we should not put the header directly below this, for security reasons and also to block outside sounds.

The location of the bed with regard to the door

If possible, keep the bed facing the door, to avoid the visibility and is a way to preserve the privacy, and will also facilitate us to suffer drafts that may disturb and affect our health. Also, for reasons of energy, we avoid having mirrors which reflect the bed. This blocks the free flow of energy.

Comfort and privacy

If we are used to watch TV from the bed, we must also take into account the windows to avoid glare and reflections that hinder the visibility of the screen. However, if we read in bed, it is a good idea to have natural lighting to enjoy Sunday mornings reading a good book.

While accustomed to place the bed against the walls, if space allows, we can detach seeking a better climate in the rest area. We can use the windows to the courtyard or garden, to have a beautiful view while we’re lying.

To maintain the intimacy and privacy, we can put screens that block visibility, even behind the headboard, to give a greater sense of security and protection.