Lighting to save space

The order is very important in small spaces but also the way in which we find us the tricks to make it appear that we are in a much larger place. The lighting to save space may be the key.

indirect lighting

And, one of the major problems when it comes to decorating homes is the lack of space. In addition to having to adjust furniture for small spaces, something that is not very difficult to find in the market, there are also some tricks in decoration that we can put into practice to keep these places a greater sense of space. The lighting is the perfect ally to save space in smaller rooms.

Indirect lighting
In the case of the kitchen, for example, we can put more lights on the counter to the ceiling. Thus, if we place the points of light under the cabinets and high shelves, get more light into the space in which we manipulate things and therefore will increase the feeling of space and avoid glare. In the bathroom we can place a large mirror over the sink and lamps with halogen bulbs with diffuser power on both sides.

In other rooms, such as the living room, ideally diffuse the light and put aside the chandeliers. It is much better to choose a type of perimeter lighting, fluorescent bulbs, around the roof, which extends much the illuminated area and therefore generates a lot more space.

Light for bedrooms and living rooms
For the dining room, we can multiply all sources of light to create different perspectives and increase the feeling of depth. A light on the table with the perimeter of the ceiling lights or sconces on the walls will also create depth and reflect the light in the nearest walls.

As for the bedroom, we need the opposite; it is lit and visually away from the walls. For this it is best to put LED lights on both sides of the headboard and lighting at ground level. For the children’s bedroom you must create a general and uniform lighting, and properly illuminate the area where the study table is placed.