Lighting in the shower

A light that is spreading more and more, especially progress in terms of new uses and places to locate, is led lighting, thanks to its low power consumption and long life as it has. Therefore, today we will see how applied to this type of lighting in the showers and the advantages of the power to give us a real bath of colors inside our own home.

shower lighting

Different colors
With LED lighting technology, it is possible to have a shower that emits different colors when the water comes, without installing a battery or connect to light, as it uses the power of water to turn a mini turbine and the energy to operate the LED bulbs have inside.

Besides that, it has a temperature sensor that will enable us to know whether the water is cold or warm thanks to the light color, which will go from blue to red as it warms. You could set a maximum temperature so that when the water reaches it, emits a flashing light to tell us that it has reached the limit. Thanks to this, we can avoid getting burned by not knowing exactly what exact temperature is the water.

Color Sensations
Another plus point of this type of lighting in the shower is that we can benefit from the sensations transmit the colors and relax under water even more if it is worth if we choose a green or bluish light. We can also use red lights to encourage and foster the transition of the blood circulation in our body.

Finally, if you have this type of shower, we propose to quench all the lights and only be led by emitting water to convert the time of grooming and hygiene into something unique and special without having to leave your own home.