Lighting for small spaces

It is possible that when we play the task of lighting a small room of our home created with a single light source is sufficient. But light can be our ally to create an effect of spaciousness.

small room lighting

If we combine well all sources of light, both natural and artificial, at ground level, walls and ceilings, we can transform our home in a cozy environment, without compromising the functional role to play. There are some few tricks.

In a room of small dimensions, pendant lamp should not be a problem. If instead we place a clear acrylic screen, plus provide much light will mimicry with the environment.

It is advisable playing with multiple points of light because it generates indirect stays more cozy and removes the contrast of light and shadows that produce a single focus. If we illuminate the roof and walls, we will provide an effect of greater amplitude, as well as the light at ground level. A good idea for the lower lighting is placed inside a cube of light also can play the role of side table.

The shelves or racks of wood can also help us to include points of indirect light and highlight decorative elements to place in it, putting rows of lights on each shelf.

As for natural lighting concerned, if you have windows that are not very large and do not let much light through, giving the interior space a much contrasted atmosphere, we can use reflection operation. This is in trying to bounce the sunlight coming against surfaces of our house, and so amplify. One idea is to coat the floors with highly polished or painted materials, having high reflectivity of light.

Another option is to place mirrors in the opposing walls of the windows, while being very effective we play with design. Paint the windows the same color as walls and use curtains or blinds make clear that the outer space acquired greater prominence.

These are just some tricks, the lighting has lots of possibilities to recreate our spaces, and we just have to try, so … Go play!