Lighting and Power Supplies

Homes and businesses should have a surplus of essential electrical supplies for daily use and emergency situations. For example, it’s a good idea to keep extra batteries in order to replace depleted batteries that power essential household appliances and other items. Traditional alkaline and rechargeable batteries with AA and AAA ratings are commonly used for small devices. It’s important to make sure that the expiration date of a battery package has not been reached. On average, the best batteries have a shelf life of up to ten years.

electrical supplies

Extension cords are also useful electrical supplies for homes and commercial settings. For example, homeowners may want to connect power tools and machinery while doing some landscaping work on a property. Extension cords are available in lengths of dozens of feet. Additionally, two prong and three prong designs are available to accommodate standard electrical plugs in North America. For commercial use, cord reels may be needed in order to safely and neatly store lengthy extension cords.

Reliable lighting products are also needed in any home and commercial setting. During blackouts, it’s useful to have heavy duty flashlights that can illuminate large areas of a room.

Lantern style flashlights are also available for stationary illumination indoors. Replacement electrical parts may also be stored in any home in order to make quick repairs and other upgrades. For example, electrical wires could be stored in order to speed up the process of servicing the electric panel of a home that’s usually located in the basement.