Learn how to join plastic pipes

Plastic pipes are used increasingly in plumbing. But before the distribution facilities in copper, with the necessary facilities were welding fittings, elbows, etc., and complications that it is entailed.

join plastic pipes

The use of polyethylene pipes has provided facilities, and few tools that easily connect the pipes. For drains have been always used the PVC pipe, these are facilities that do not have to withstand water pressure and therefore do not need very strong bonds.

Install polyethylene pipes
In distribution facilities with polyethylene pipes, professionals use some accessories that are pressed on the pipe to make the connections. With the help of a special machine, firmly fasten the compression on the pipe ring.

If we are going to join polyethylene pipe, it is not necessary to buy the pressing machine, since there are attachment fittings (elbows, T, etc.) with nuts that pressure, when tightening with the help of a wrench, firmly attached to the pipe.

PVC pipes
PVC pipes for drains used PVC fittings and stick with special glue. We will look for the right accessory to the diameter of the pipe and cut the area to be connected so that it is straight. With fine grit sandpaper, we will sandpaper the bond areas ranging in touch and clean up of dust and grease with a cloth moistened with alcohol.

Once prepared unions, apply glue with a brush (that usually included) and let dry a few minutes, according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Once the glue is ready, we will unite the two sides without turning; introduce only one piece in the other and let dry at least 24 hours before using the pipe.