Learn how to distribute pictures

The pictures are an important decorative element in the home, so we are going to teach how you should place them. The main rule, in regard to the distance that we must use between a picture and another is: the smaller is the picture, minor separation there will be between one and other.

distribute pictures

For a good distribution of the pictures, the first thing we have to consider is space. If our room is not big, we’ll try not to put too many pictures to avoid saturating it.

How to distribute pictures in the living room
Another tips is to try the frame of the picture always go to match with furniture. Its themes (landscapes, cities sheets, etc…) do not have to match from one wall to another, but those of the same wall. In addition, all of them must be the same style, frame and shade.

We will also take into account the number of walls that we have, in this way, if we have three walls we will follow this distribution: for sofa wall place a large rectangular picture, two rectangular pictures vertically, side by side; or four square pictures, distributed in pairs. Always follow a balance. In the medium wall we will put four small pictures and the smaller wall just a medium sized picture.

Distribute pictures in kitchen and bathroom
In the bathroom and kitchen are usually put smaller pictures and always with topics related to the space in which they are located. So, if we put pictures in the bathroom appears in them a bath tub or sink, and even some flowers. In terms of distribution usually placed above the toilet.

In the kitchen we can place them in the area of the table and chairs or in any column, if it is having in the kitchen. The pictures are those most prone to cross stitch, also used for baths. These carry drawings as mugs, salt, and sugar.

Both pictures from the kitchen as the bathroom should not be very large and will have to match the color of the furniture.