Kitchen and dining room, two in one

Space optimization has become one of the trends in decoration. This is because the floors, both rental as property for young people, usually have few dimensions, so today we want to help unite the kitchen and dining room so that you have two in one.

unite kitchen and dining

One of the great advantages in integrating the dining room in the kitchen, besides the obvious feature is that you can create a very personal and very chic if you do things right.

Different types of materials
A good way to create two different spaces within the same room is to use different materials.

In this case the dining area we can base it on the wicker and the forge, that way we will create an inviting space that will allow us to spend sitting in pleasant manner in a space section of the kitchen but with all the things that we will need only a step away.

We can also make use of the wood with a table and matching chairs made ​​of this material that never gets old. Steel always come in handy for cooking.

Furniture with several uses
It’s about creating an aesthetic very similar to that found in the lofts, an open space that is separated by the different types of materials that we use both in one part as another.

If the space we have is very small and we can not use too much furniture in order to separate though both spaces, we can find in the market lots of furniture quickly solve this problem. Sofas that convert into dining tables or folding tables with which strategically placed can get those environments we need.

Ultimately the only thing that is necessary to integrate two different spaces in the same room is a little imagination, some time to discuss what space is to have and optimize it to make the most.

A kitchen is a place where you spend much time so leave it to perfection is a task that is worth spending time.