Keeping Your Valuables Safe

Home burglaries are devastating. Whether you lose expensive collectibles or heirloom jewelry that has special meaning for you, it’s something you want to do anything possible to prevent. Even minor precautions can help to discourage burglars, but many people don’t know much about what precautions to take. Here are our tips on how to keep your valuables safe, even when you’re not home.

hidden safe

Although it is possible to crack open safes, that takes time, and many burglars are just looking for anything they can grab and run. Investing in a hidden safe is an even better plan. Avid gun collectors can even get safes for guns with plenty of storage and excellent security.

Bank Storage
There’s always the option to not keep valuables in your home at all. For rarely-used items like elaborate jewelry or important papers, you can take it to a bank with custodial services and have them store it for you. Bank security is significantly tighter than most people’s home security, so your valuables will be safe there.

Leave a Little Cash Out
Burglars typically want to spend as little time as they can in an individual home, but if they can’t find anything at all they may look closer so they don’t feel like they’ve wasted their time. Sometimes leaving a little extra cash in a jar or out on a drawer will encourage them to take that and run, rather than spending extra time to hunt for a safe that may not even exist.

Lock Your Doors
This seems like an obvious one, but in small, suburban communities, many people may get into the habit of leaving their doors unlocked at night or when they are away. This makes your house an easy target for burglars. You can also look into getting a more secure lock for your home, one that will take time to break through. Make it look like your house will be a pain to break into.

Get an Alarm System
An alarm system is a good idea, especially if it is highly visible. The more signals you can send that your home is difficult to break into, the more likely it is that a cat burglar will just pass you by. It will also alert you if someone does try to break into your house, so you can call 911 and keep yourself and your family safe.