Japanese doors for your home

In recent times, the Japanese culture has managed to seduce crowd of westerners being one of the most important decorative trends. Today we will learn how to give that Asian touch to our home placing Japanese doors.

Japanese doors

Such doors are also known as fusuma or shoji doors and, besides being very showy, allow us to save space. It’s a good way to establish the separation of rooms and make them independent of the hallways.

Doors with typical landscapes of Japanese culture
Another reason why these doors are so appealing is that they are often decorated with scenes and landscapes typical of Japanese culture such as the cherry blossoms, geisha, samurai or different geometric designs.

Generally, this decoration is done on rice paper, manufactured industrially, to suit the tastes of each.

If we finally decide to place this type of door we find a good design, one that actually resembles the Japanese culture, and to give a new look to the d├ęcor of the room without taking up space.

Good quality doors that not to spoil soon
We must choose a multifunctional door can be used in different areas, that have some resistance and, most importantly, having rails of good quality, since if these are not stuck with a long time, slide with difficulty or even fall out.

When decorating our house with this type of door we must be convinced that the air we want to give to the decoration is related to Japanese culture. Otherwise, mixing styles can be harmful and our spectacular Japanese doors will be nothing more than a blob in the middle of our hallways or rooms.

If truly we are clear that we want this type of decoration there will be no problem because the designs are wonderful, but it is a decision that we must meditate with time, because these are elements that will last for many years.