Install a dual flush system in the tank

In these times of crisis any savings is welcome. Spending on water is something we cannot ignore: showering instead of using the tub and use the dishwasher and washing machine when they are full are some of the tips that can follow. But if you install a dual flush system in the tank, we will also notice a savings.

install dual flush system

To do this installation first closes the tap water that enters the tank. Then unscrew the handle and get up the lid, leave the view that the system filling and discharge which we must remove.

Change the system of filling the tank
If you have not noticed water losses in the filling system, no need to change, but change positions equal parts is a good idea to replace everything and leave again for a slightly larger investment.

In this case, we will release the fill hose out and unscrew the nut that holds the entire filling system. We will remove the old and install the new, will wind the nut to be too tight and fix the hose with a spanner.

When you uninstall the discharge system, we know that this is usually mounted on a bracket that is attached to the bottom of the tank. To remove it, we will make a turn counterclockwise to clockwise and release two ledges that it takes. The part attached to the bottom of the tank is usually universal and we also serve the new delivery system. If it is necessary to change it, would have to disassemble the tank completely and mount the bracket that comes with the new discharger.

Install a dual pushbutton
Now mount the new system introduced into the tank and turning it in the clockwise direction, we will notice a click which will confirm us that it is well set. We will only place the buttons at the top of the tank and engage lever that triggers the system. Now we ready our dual flush system.