Important Furniture for Staging Your Home

Staging your home puts it in the best light to help it sell faster. With the right staging, you can show buyers what your home can be, helping them to see its best features and to fall in love with it.

You can hire a professional stager to get your home ready, or you can do it yourself by renting the right furniture and putting out the right accessories and decor. Here are a few important pieces that you should have when staging your home:

master bedroom suite for home

Master Bedroom Suite
The master bedroom is one of the most important areas in your home. If the room is too small, it will turn buyers away. If the room is not cozy and inviting, it will turn buyers away. You need to stage it to make it look bigger and more inviting.

You can get a master bedroom lease that includes the bed, night stands, dresser and armoire. You can also find bedroom suites with fewer pieces for smaller spaces. The key is to find a modern set that complements the room and doesn’t overpower it. Hang a few key pieces of art and put the right window treatments in the room, and you’ll finish the look.

Accent Tables
Well-placed accent tables can help pull a room together and make your home look stylish and modern. You can put accent tables next to your sofa or chairs, in your entry way, in the hall way, or by your bed or dining room.

Accent tables are also the perfect spot to put key decor pieces, such as accent bowls, vases, and lamps. You don’t have to buy these tables. You can rent tables as needed to fill in the space. You may use your own furniture with the rented tables, or you may want to rent a whole new suite just to show your home.

Television Set
Buyers need to be able to see themselves in your home. If your home looks too perfect, they will feel like it looks like a model showroom and not a place that they can see themselves living every day. Make sure you add some practical touches, as well, like a television set.

If you don’t have an updated TV, rent one. You can get a plasma for rent and mount it in the living room or over the fireplace. If you want to make an impression, put something on the TV while guests are viewing your home. Good options include an aquarium or fireplace screen saver.

After you have the major furniture in place, don’t forget to spruce up your home with some key accessories, like fresh flowers, beautiful wall art, or a bowl of fresh fruit. Keep personal objects like family photographs to a minimum. You want buyers to see their own family in your home, not feel like they are intruding on your space. Make sure the place is clean and smells great, and your home will be ready to sell.