Illuminate the mirrors

At the time of getting ready in the bathroom it is essential that it is illuminated well. Not only is it necessary to have a general light from the roof, it is also necessary that there are some additional lamps to ensure the lighting in certain areas, such as the mirrors.

mirror frames

Although the whole bathroom should be illuminated well, the most important area is the mirror, because dry our hair, make-up or shave are activities that we have to perform in front of it.

Prevent light make shadows on the face

The goal is to distribute light evenly without creating shadows on the face shape. For large mirrors, the lighting points should be at the top and sides of the glass. For the smaller mirrors, with a light source in the part of above it will be sufficient, although it did not have more light to the sides.

We must avoid dazzle or create annoying reflections. For this, the lamp should not be aimed directly at the face or to the mirror. In addition, its beam of light should be directed in one direction, so avoid its spread to areas that should not be illuminated.

Types of lamps to illuminate mirrors

For illumination of the bath can use halogen lamps, but also led strips or fluorescent lamps located above and vertically on the sides of the mirror. With spherical bulbs, globe type, we can achieve the same effect, as well as give our bathroom an air similar to the dressing rooms of the artists.

You can also supplement mirror lighting by installing fixtures, but we only use them in the case of small mirrors with a bright light at the top.

Lighting the bathroom properly is not that complicated, you just have to choose the type of lamps that we prefer and based on this, place them in appropriate areas.