Ideas to make ceilings look higher

The high ceilings have always feeling of spaciousness and stylize our house. But if we don’t have the luck that our ceilings measure 5 meters, there are some tricks that will help us to increase the sense of height.

ceilings look higher

The first detail to keep in mind to make the ceilings seem higher is painting with light colors. The white ceilings always reflect much better light.

The paint on the walls, the ideal trick
Now that carried the walls with details, a good idea is to paint vertical lines or place a paper with this design. As it is the case with our clothes, slashes always stylized and, for decoration, place greater sense of height.

Another trick is the painting the upper part of the walls of a shade lighter than the rest or the same color as the ceiling. The visual effect is striking and will help us create a sense of greater height. Also, if we paint the ceilings with gloss paint will reflect light like a mirror and look that are much higher.

Although we love the chandelier and fans hanging from the ceiling, it is better to avoid any element that stands out too much and, of course, we will forget the moldings.

Lighting and type of furniture
The lighting also plays a very important role, only need to use wall lamps that light up not down but do it up. The distribution of light is thrown toward the ceiling and greater sense of space is generated.

At the time of hanging the curtains we will leave not even one centimeter from the ceiling, this will also help as it seems that the wall has more yards.

If we are of those who are committed to hang paintings or pictures on the walls, the best way is closer to the top than down. This will force us to look up and think that there are higher.

The low furniture are another ally for rooms that do not have high enough ceilings but stays overload does not help, so best to avoid having too many things in between.