Ideas to decorate a room for a boy and a girl

Rooms shared between several brothers are a choice or an obligation, when the little ones to share are of different sex, there are doubts and difficulties with these ideas to decorate a room for a boy and a girl be saved without problems.

decorate a room for a boy and a girl

The key to these ideas to decorate a room for a boy and a girl are in the balance and opt for basic furnishings and neutral colors, while create style and personality to give each child space with unique details.

The wall should be painted in white or any very close shade, do not worry about more and do not risk combine boy colors and girls colors, or choosing for strong colors with which they will get bored very much earlier and will not allow then a more personal style based on details.

White or light walls have the perfect base to decorate with vinyls or stickers the chosen areas. A good idea is to decorate the headboards of the beds each with the name of each child and a reason they like an animal, a cloud or a flower, for example. The letters will be of the same style, color and shape to give uniformity to the bedroom, however, the reason that accompany can be more jarring.

When choosing furniture for a shared room, greatly influences the age of each child – if be different – and the years they are worn. In any case, the priority is to choose practical and simple furnishings – modular furniture, for example to meet their gaming needs, study, rest and storage, basically. If children shared closet, for example, a good idea is to divide drawers equally between outside and decorate with their favorite motifs initial… is a simple idea to customize a shared room.

Except for very large rooms and really allow you to create two different environments, it is best to choose coordinated bedding and curtains but do not have to be the same, but you like. Good alternatives are the pictures, moles and flowers; for younger children, animals or the frets. The pastel colors also take a lot, are a perfect way to put a soft touch of color: green mint for both dusty pink and peach for her and for him.

The most important thing is that every child is special and personal space, if possible he and she tries to choose that special detail; it can be a mosquito net in the case of the girl, a superhero lamp in the case of child … everything depends on the taste of each one of them and you can leave space for this type of accessories. A share tent for play and store toys is a valid point of decoration for children, and a surefire way to create the latest style in this dormitory detail.

Do not sweat it if your-child and girl-children have to share a room; on the contrary, it can be an exercise in much richer decoration and a way to bring more children to learn to respect and share spaces. In addition to these ideas to decorate a room for a boy and a girl you will achieve a pleasant and friendly environment for both as well as practical and easy to maintain in order for you.