Ideas of storage in small houses

Or the houses are getting smaller or whenever we have more things. The case is that there comes a time in which we organize ourselves well so that we and all our things can live together under the same roof. So today we want to give you some storage ideas for small homes that will make life a little easier.

space optimization

Generally, if the space you have is limited, the best way to store everything is throwing a bit of imagination. Also, don’t forget about the possibility of adding Prefab Metal Buildings to you home for additional storage.

Imagination and space optimization
For the bedroom, the closet there’s always something lacking, so we can design a small cabinet under the window that allows light to pass through the rest of the room but perfectly perform several functions: shoemaker, book shelf and shelving in the upper part. Also, we must not lack a bed with couch.

And is that any idea is valid for storing things in every corner: stairwells, attics closets, etc. Any area can benefit from difficult as it seems to get it.

However, we must not forget that storage should allow us to have things on hand if we do not want to go crazy when it comes to find them. The baskets, the wicker baskets, metal boxes … any of these options can be perfect to organize our belongings.

Hanging things on walls without cluttering
If you do not have much space in the bathroom, a good way to order is hanging baskets on the walls. Enjoy more space and have everything well organized.

The corridors are a good storage area, the industrial style is very fashionable and we must use wooden boxes with wheels down the hall for storing toys, books or anything else that comes to mind.

The shelves, holes on cabinets or drawers in which we can place storage elements to have everything at hand and to maximize space, may be sufficient.

Only takes a little imagination and find those holes that can make us easier coexistence with our things.