Ideas for recycling old furniture

Sure on countless occasions have thought how much we like furniture that we have for years whose appearance is not the ideal, but it gives us a lot of grief and get rid of them sooner or later end up stored in the storage room.

recycling old furniture

Now that the vintage is in fashion, is the time to take advantage of all those old furniture and give a facelift to return to become the protagonists of our decor.

Finding new functions for old furniture
Any piece of antique furniture has a special twist, many of them just can no longer return to fulfill the functions for which they were created in the beginning, but we can find them another utility to continue with us.

We can give them a more modern touch by painting them in bright colors, but with control, with tones and nuances that are consistent with the rest of our decor.

If we have old chairs that no longer support the weight of anyone, we can use backup to create an original hanger of the kitchen items. We’ll just have to paint this piece in a color that we like, before sanding it to give it that vintage touch that is so fashionable, place two or three eyebolts and hooks, and ready to hang on the wall.

If we have more chairs whose appearance is not very good but it can still serve to sit in them, although they are of different types, if we paint them all the same color or even different colors, we’ll mark trend, since this is one of the lines to be followed by the most famous decorators around the world.

Take advantage of the cradle of our childhood
Another highly original way to recycle old furniture can get it with the cradle that has saved our mother for decades in the village and that makes us grace but that we can not obviously placed in the middle of the room… or Yes?

We can put a spin on the cradle and use it like a desktop, just have to remove one side of the crib to use as a central shelf, place a glass on it and we will have beautiful furniture of perfect desktop for the kids of the house.