Ideas for decorating bedrooms with different ceilings

In this article we will offer ideas for decorating bedrooms with different ceilings. If there is a stay in which decorate the ceiling can make particular sense is precisely in the bedroom, since by definition, it is a stay to “enjoy” lying. This implies that the ceiling will look much more frequently than in the rest of the house, so pretty and decorate it differently will make us the most pleasant experience.

bedrooms with different ceilings

As options for decorating the bedroom ceilings are many. The most simple and economical option is to paint it in a color matching with bedding or any carpet. Ideally paint in a color that contrasts with the rest of the walls, be it a vivid color tone or gray or brown to dark. If you want to keep the same color as the walls, then it is best to place a white frame in the perimeter so that it contrasts, if you do not lose the effect. In the case of the bedrooms it is not recommended to paint it black that it is not oppressive.

Another option is to play a different material to the rest of the walls. For example, leaving the beams (or put some false) combined with other studs material, or create a vaulted brick ceiling. In this case, if desired, it is possible to paint the roof structure of the same color as the walls, since we got the contrast and the difference of textures.

bedrooms with different ceilings

If we want to give a touch of glamour, we can put a perimeter trim and “fill in” the ceiling with a wallpaper pattern in iridescent shades or play with the light, a very powerful resource: from filling the entire roof of tiny dots of light by way of starry sky and cover it with fabric to stretch ceilings with rgb leds that allow to choose the tone of light we will give in every moment.

As creative options, we can also create a concrete effect and install a typographical vinyl or play with all kinds of designs of moldings and rosettes designs if we want to give you a noble air to the bedroom.