Ideas for decorating a wall

When decorating a room or reform, we often think of a complete change of style or the room as a whole we want to change. Sometimes just moving a wall or add some embellishment to make your stay totally different look.

decorating wall

A very popular option to decorate a wall is vinyl decorative. From a few letters or a geometric lines until a complicated drawing or designed specifically for us, there is plenty of models on the market that can be tailored to our needs. Even if we are good with arts and crafts, there is the possibility to buy the vinyl and designing ourselves the decor of our wall.

Also very topical are now silk screened illustrations, framed or unframed. It can be found in standard decoration shops, but if we look something more personal many graphic designers sell their designs in craftsmen webpages.

The wallpaper is a decorating trend that seemed old-fashion long ago but has become, perhaps by the hand of the designers who are set in the classic style or Rococo, where the wallpapers with lush flowers or sailor stripes permeating the walls of every room. If put wallpaper on every wall seems excessive, we can tailor it to our style covering a wall with a single simple paper, line, or with drawings in soft color.

Another of the decor options that we can find in many specialist magazines is the chalkboard. It may be bizarre or strange, but it can be a very funny: just think of the places in our house where we often need to make notes and never found paper and pencil. Not to mention the times that our mothers have complained that we painted on the walls, with this idea we no longer have to worry if our children are potential artists.

A decorating idea that is constantly updating is the pictures. No need to buy gigantic boxes with jumbo frames, we can find pictures that fit our style and budget at craft fairs.

There are many ideas that we come to mind when you decide to change the decor of our home, these are just a few alternatives. There are many other ways to decorate our homes; with a little imagination we can adapt all of them to our style.