Ideas for decorating a modern dining room

Although classicism never goes from fashion, not all just convince the decorated traditionally, in one way or another, what we want is the ability to give a modern twist.

modern dining room

Today we are going to know what the keys are to obtain a modern decoration in our dining room of a form much simpler than we might imagine.

The table as absolute protagonist
First, we should be clear about what we use in the dining room, i.e. if it’s a zone of passage or if it is a place where we are long, because, in that case, it must be sought much more functionality.

As a general rule, the dining rooms take center stage at the table and from it turning the rest of the decor.

This can be any shape: square, round, rectangular … really important thing is to be aware of the real space we have and ensure that everything is well cleared and is functional, as we mentioned earlier.

Although we enchant large tables, because it always looks more, we must choose the table considering that it can pass easily from the sides, with the chairs.

If we are not blessed with a very spacious lounge, we can opt for the extendable tables, which have greatly improved design in recent years.

Chairs, the ideal complement
The chairs are the indispensable complement to the tables, the combination should be perfect. You have to choose them in similar tones and identical materials or combined while maintaining continuity.

The tempered glass tables are which better add that modern touch that we seek, although wood, depending on the color, always can be attached perfectly to this style.

As for colors with which to decorate, lighter base are best. We can introduce splashes of color in accessories, but always with the luminosity that bring the shades like white or beige. Combine white walls with clear gray or any other most striking tone is an upward trend.

The rest of accessories and decorative elements will be in tastes, but we have to remember that a modern dining room should be never excessively heavy.