Ideas for applying magnetic paint

Do you know what is the magnetic paint? It’s a new way to decorate the walls of our home to give the original touch that we seek.

Magnetic paint contains iron particles in its composition, which are what give paint magnetic properties. In this way, when applying this paint on a wall or other surface, it acquires magnetic properties and it is able to hold certain types of magnets without falling.

applying magnetic paint

Magnetic paint is usually gray in color. However, if you want another color for your magnetic wall, you can paint over the magnetic paint with other paints of the desired color. In this way you can perfectly combine decoration and utility.

There are different types of paint that can give us a lot of play when creating different atmospheres at home. One is the chalk paint and another magnet, of which we speak today.

How to apply magnetic paint

We can buy magnetic paint in DIY centers or specialty stores. Here is the steps to use magnetic paint:

  • As with any wall covering, here too, the laying surface must be properly prepared. Then 3-4 coats of magnet paint can be applied, to obtain a good magnetic surface.
  • Ideally, clean the wall, then painted a first layer of metallic paint, we wait four or five hours to give the second, we again expect four or five hours, and apply a third coat. Once the paint has dried, you can check to see if a magnet is stuck and if you see that you have no problem, you can leave it, if not or if it does not work with all sizes of magnets, you could give a fourth coat of paint.
  • We have said that metallic paints have a composition in which the paint has metallic elements or parts that tend to be suspended, depositing the metallic fragments in the background.
  • For this reason, before painting, it is recommended to shake the paint well, so that the two components mix completely.
  • On the other hand, to use magnetic paint well, you need to know how to choose the best one for your type of wall. Currently we can find different brands, so it will be easy for you to find the right one for the type of wall you have.
  • Also wait until the paint has dried completely, once you have finished painting and before the children begin to play with the magnets.

decorating ideas for the magnetic paint

Decorating ideas for the magnetic paint

With this type of paint we can turn our house into a giant magnet. Maybe this idea is a bit exaggerated, but in fact a wall painted with this type of paint can give us lots of play and in addition will look like a normal wall.

We have compiled several ideas so that you can be inspired and create your own corners and compositions. Magnetic paint is very useful in any room: in the office to organize a work area, in a corner of a children’s room for children to play, in the kitchen to organize small utensils, in a living room to display photos and memories, etc…

Magnetic paint plus another color paint is used on a whole wall in the living room, achieving a very original atmosphere. A perfect showcase to put many photos, drawings and postcards that add great color to the room.

TIP: if you want to apply it in your home, use photos and postcards with the same range of colors to create a specific environment, for example, green tones visually refresh the environment.

On many occasions, magnetic paint is used alongside chalkboard paint. You can get an original space in the kitchen where you can write the shopping list with chalk and hang photos, recipes and anything else you can think of with magnets. You can also use magnetic paint to create a colorful corner in the kitchen where you can hang magnetized accessories, such as magnetic spice racks.

One of the spaces where we are most asked to use magnetic paint is in the children’s room, because the little ones love to play with magnets.

Normally, we paint a small space with magnetic paint and then we cover all the walls with the paint of the desired color, thus we get a fun play area on the wall, without giving up a beautiful decoration.

magnetic paint in study areas

Another widespread use of magnetic paint is to organize study areas. On the wall where a desk is located, we can create magnetic paint compositions and different colors so that in our work area we can visually organize tasks, memories and all kinds of papers.

Sometimes there is a room with less use that is not paid much attention, such as an iron room or a study room. We can give a decorative touch that brings more life to the room, painting it with magnetic paint and paint of a striking color to fill a wall with memories.

As you can see, magnetic paint is a very versatile and fun option to create decorative compositions in all types of environments.

Frequent doubts about the magnetized paint

Does it have any health consequences?

Magnetic paint is harmless, it does not pose any inconvenience to health. It is safe to use in children’s rooms and in homes where people with a pacemaker live, for example.

This is so because paint is not magnetic itself, but is made up of iron particles that have the ability to attract magnets. Just as any other surface of this material does, for example, the refrigerator door.

Can it affect the Wi-Fi signal or coverage?

If a large amount of magnetized paint is used to paint a very large surface, the radio waves may weaken somewhat, affecting the coverage of mobile phones and the WIFI signal.

However, we insist, this only happens when a lot of paint is used. If we are going to use it in a small corner or to brighten up a space on a wall, we will not notice any effect on radio waves.

Does it require any special preparation for its application?

Magnetic paint requires the same preparation as any other paint. The usual steps must be followed for a correct application: cleaning the wall, correction of imperfections, suitable materials for the type of wall and paint, respecting the drying times, etc.

The only special care we must have is to remove the paint very well so that the iron particles are distributed evenly throughout it.

Does it work with all types of magnets?

As we have mentioned, a surface painted with magnetic paint does not have the same attractive force as an iron plate, so it is important to use powerful magnets, the ideal is to use neodymium magnets. Conventional ferrite magnets are not suitable for this use.