Ideas for applying magnetic paint

Do not you know the magnetic paint? It’s a new way to decorate the walls of our home to give the original touch that we seek.

magnetic paint

There are different types of paint that can give us a lot of play when creating different atmospheres at home. One is the chalkboard paint and another magnet, of which we speak today.

Applying the magnetic paint
We can buy magnetic paint in DIY centers or specialty stores. Before painting with this type of paint, we must shake well so it blended.

In implementing it, we must take into account that it is quite advisable to give at least three layers. If what we want is to give color to the magnetic paint, the only thing that we must do is, once the last layer of magnetic painting is dry, apply paint it of the color that we want. The magnetized will not leave; we can apply up to three layers on magnetic paint.

Some ideas for the magnetic paint
With this type of paint we can turn our house into a giant magnet. Maybe this idea is a bit exaggerated, but in fact a wall painted with this type of paint can give us lots of play and in addition will look like a normal wall.

Especially, we can apply this paint in common areas like the kitchen where we can paste messages, in the living room for hanging pictures, or just in the children’s room to spend hours playing with magnetized walls.

This type of decoration is a great idea, very original and mostly useful, what are you waiting for?