How to use corian in decorating

Sure that on more than one occasion the word corian has come out in any conversation related to the decor. For those who do not have too clear what is, today we explain it.

corian in decorating

The corian is a material made from minerals and acrylic polymer, initially, was used for countertops in kitchens and bathrooms, but that is already used on chairs, walls, tables and other objects that can be imagine.

Hard and tough
The corian has even used outdoors because it is a very tough, hard material and well endure the inclemency of the weather.

Another great advantage of the corian is its appearance, since it shines much depending on the appropriate patina and can be found in a very wide range of colors, allowing us to use it in numerous decorative details.

At the time of working it is similar to wood. Its appearance is uniform; no chance to see the seals and we can find in the market combined with steel, wood, glass, granite and other materials.

But surely the great advantage when placing furniture in living room, kitchen, bathroom or any other part of the house is that cleaning is very simple. We can use vinegar for it or liquid for glass-ceramics in the event that the stains are somewhat more complicated.

High price
We must be careful with hot pots and sharp objects that could do damage.

The Corian also has its drawbacks, most notably its high price, which is well above that of other synthetic materials.

In recent years, this type of material is being widely used in bathrooms, because their designs are at the forefront and can get to let the more futuristic bath.

If you plan to change the decor of your house, ask for this type of material when buying furniture or when placing it in the bathroom or kitchen.