How to Select the Right Property Agent?

Selecting the right property agent is tricky. Even after a considerable effort having gone into the verification, there are chances that the conduct of the one selected turns out to be dubious. Therefore how can a person find out whether a property agent is professional enough for the job or not? It is true that there is no 100% guaranteed, fool proof system to assess an agent. However there are ways in which a person can find out whether or not to mark a property agent with a red flag.

right property agent

There is a list of things that one can do to verify whether or not a property agent can be helpful in the housing transactions or not.

While Checking the online profile

One can look for agents on The agents who are listed on the website are verified personnel whose mini resumes are shown in the agent profile page. Whenever a person searches for a property agent on the portal, the details of the agent come up along with total experience, the number of properties under the agents’ charge and many other details. verifies credentials of agents whose profiles are posted on its website.

If a person is searching for an agent’s online profile elsewhere, then he/she should keep a lookout for missing details. There are property agents who work part time. It is not a good idea to bank on the services of such agents since they may exit the market at any point in time and also may not be aware of all the intricacies.

One might also come across profiles with missing photographs. If a property agent is not confident enough to upload his/her photograph, then he/she is not competent enough to deal in the property market. Or else, such an agent has something to hide and can turn out to be a shady dealer. Therefore there is no point in wasting time pursuing such property agents.

One-on-one Interview

The face to face interview with a property agent gives an opportunity to straighten out a lot of things. Assume you are looking for prevailing prices of flats in Delhi. Also assume that there is an agent who has recently set up shop in your neighbourhood. The office of this person is a rented outlet. Now what kind of questions can you ask such person to verify his competitiveness?

The first method could utilize testing such agents’ knowledge about property sector of the region. You can ask them about the prevailing prices of flats in Delhi. You yourself can learn about the pricing from the DSL maps of If the agent gives answers which are not close to your answers, then you can straight away cross out his/her name from your list.

Another highlight of a personal interview is that you can figure out the way a property agent interacts with prospective customers. A person who is able to confidently handle your queries and deftly offer solutions to your problems would be better equipped to market your property, in case you are a seller. Such a person would also be able to adequately negotiate on your behalf in case you are a buyer.

In conclusion

Finding out the right kind of property agent is a matter of understanding and experience than more than anything else. A qualified property agent can easily be discovered with a little diligence.