How to put vinyl flooring

Place vinyl floor in a room is a simple task that we can make ourselves. Let’s see how.

vinyl flooring

The vinyl flooring can be placed without problems on another floor. The vinyl is presented in mosaics that are fixed with glue, self-adhesive tiles and roll, the latter may be a bit more complicated to install because of its size.

Therefore we recommend that if we are going to fit the floor ourselves, choose self-adhesive tiles or lying down with glue.

For the latter we will need some tools and accessories, such as metro, glue, utility knife (cutter) and a good 90ยบ squad.

Preparing to place the vinyl floor

The first thing is to remove all the furniture and preparing the surface of the floor that is going to be below (concrete, wood, etc.).

We should start by cleaning the floor very well, removing all traces of dust or grit. Check that it is as evenly as possible, so there are no imperfections in the new soil.

Do not place the tile if the heater or radiator in the room is lit, since heat may alter the material.

Removed the tiles or tiles from their boxes with 24 hours in advance and drop in some flat place.

Place the vinyl tile

Now, we can start placing the tiles. First vinyl tile should be located in the exact center of the room, for that, we will help with the squad. We mark the place, distribute the glue and we place the mosaic above.

We placed the rest of the ground, placing each tile right next to each other, by pressing with the hand and then, if we have one, with a special roller for this job.

When we come to the wall, we cut the tiles with the help of cutter, performing this task very carefully. If we do not have much practice, should make a paper pattern of the exact size that must have the tile, place the mold on it and proceed to carefully cut using the cutter.

We must not step within 48 hours since we leave gaps between the tiles, or nor allow to be bubbles below.

Whenever we calculate the amount of vinyl to use, we must acquire a little more, since it will be useful when we need to change any part that is damaged.

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