How to protect your home from thieves

In current times it seems that stealing is more tempting than ever before, especially for those involved in the so-called “art” of stealing. Because of this, we use numerous techniques to prevent intruders entering our homes . In this note we look at some tips and tricks to protect your home from thieves and how to keep personal belongings safe.

protect home from thieves

Alarms for a safer home

The first tool that you can use to protect your homes is the alarm system. In the current market there are many forms of alarm for your home, from the simplest to the more sophisticated.

Some of the more sophisticated alarm systems give telephone notice to the owners of the home and to the appropriate authorities, other simple systems vary from the conventional barbed wire fence to the simple, yet effective, electronic barrier.

To protect anyone from breaking in through weak points in your house remember to cover these vulnerable areas by installing bars into small crevices and windows.

When purchasing an alarm system you should acquire one with plenty of sensors. You can place motion sensors and temperature readers where you believe people would break and enter into your property.

These motion sensors are used to stop people from breaking into windows. The equipment consists of two pieces that fit together to which, when triggered, automatically closes the door or window and immediately sets off the alarm, contacting the owners of the property and the appropriate authorities in the area.

If you’ve moved into a house that already has alarm system, the first thing to do is to make sure it’s in good, working condition.

Once this is complete check that all of the sensors are in the correct place of where people would be most likely to break and enter. Then finally learn what the codes are to turn the alarm off in the event of a false trigger.

If the alarm has a system for contacting you then make sure it is configured to your current phone number. If the system does not have this feature then make sure to tell your neighbors contact details in the event of a break in.

Dogs for home protection

Many people choose to have guard dogs to protect their home. This is a good idea, but you must understand that they are living beings, vulnerable to deception.

Many thugs opt to buy drugs for the dogs which cause them to sleep. Train your dog not to eat food that has been thrown from outside.

Another good idea is for the dog to sleep inside the home, although in the garden he can let you know if there is someone lurking, if the thief entered the home the dog would be unable to protect you from harm.

home safety

Safety measures during absences

When you leave home, be sure to check the condition of any vulnerable entry points, with locks and latches if available.

Get used to sleeping with the porch light on, this is so that if your house is being monitored by thugs they will not know when you are in or out so you can be prepared for any security breaches.

If you are going to be away for several days, ask your neighbor to open the shutters and blinds in the morning and close them at night. This is to give the image of your presence is still at your property and so that thugs will be less likely to intrude.

Remember to do the same for your neighbor as this will help your area in being a much safer and more desirable place to live.