How to Protect Your Garden During the Summer Wave

For most, summer means fun in the sun, pool parties, beaches and vacations, but for gardeners, a hot summer can become a disaster. There are occasions when the summer heat is so unbearable and fierce, and rain so scarce, that most plants suffer irreparable damage.

protect garden

Protect garden during summer wave

However, in most cases, the plants affected by the summer heat are only temporarily shocked, and they can quickly restore if given proper care. Most people end up losing their entire spring’s work because they are careless. Here are a few things that will definitely help you protect your crops during summer:

Prepare for the Heat before it Comes

There is a reason why scientists have invented tools to measure the weather, and there is also a reason why most smart-phones now use maps that can show weather forecasts for the following days. If you are truly serious about your little investment, you will check the weather forecast regularly.

Create more Shade

The sun, especially during summer, extremely powerful, and it can affect not only human beings, but also your delicate plants. This means that you should prepare a few shaded areas by using shade sails, or the cover of trees.

garden shade

Leaves and smaller plants are extremely delicate, and they will be destroyed easily if left unkempt. It may have been possible to create a termite bond for the interior that we are talking about. Termites which can be found outside are powerful enough to eat through the floors and structure.

As a matter of fact, even large plants or bushes can suffer from a heat-wave, so make sure you offer them enough shade to cool off. Use cheap materials like fabric or cardboard.

Apply different mulch materials

In order to reflect sunlight from the soil, and protect the roots of plants apply different mulch materials. By doing this, your plants will be protected, and the soil will be a lot cooler.

This is a simple yet effective solution. You can purchase mulch from specialized shops, or you can simply mow the lawn, and let the hay become dry.

water your garden

Water your garden

One of the best things you could do would be to water your garden in the morning. A heat wave will severely dry the surface of the soal during the day, and the shallow roots of plants will be affected.

I strongly recommend that you water the plans during the early hours, when the sun is not so powerful, and the plant gets a chance to breathe.

Maintain Lawn

Maintain the Lawn at approximately 3 inches tall because it can cast longer shadows, and this means extra protection for your plants. The added shading will also help absorb more moisture from watering.