How to prepare your holiday home for the winter

Every year thousands of people lock up their summer homes for the winter months. Here are a few procedures to put in place to ensure that your house remains safe and looks good until the following year.

prepare holiday home

Make sure your garden furniture is safe
Since the months of October and November are traditionally stormy, try and take the opportunity to store your garden furniture, if you have the space. If your furniture has to remain outside, then you can always tie the table and chairs together and cover the whole with some plastic sheeting.

You don’t want to your chairs to go flying about your garden during a severe winter storm.

Your summer home should be secured
If your house has shutters, fasten them to deter thieves. You should also check that your unoccupied home insurance from More Than is up to date; you don’t want to discover that your house has been damaged by bad weather and you’ve forgotten to pay your premiums.

It’s also a good idea to leave a spare key with a trustworthy neighbor in case of emergencies. Also remember to turn off the water. You might like to keep your boiler on, should the temperature drop but it all depends where your house is situated. Unplug all appliances and open fridge and washing machine doors to prevent nasty odors.

Putting your garden to bed
Autumn is also the season for tidying up the garden before the onset of winter frosts. Experts recommend that you prune and trip back any foliage in your garden.

You can also dig over the soil at this time of the year and add compost. In preparation for next spring, why not plant some bulbs? You can use your empty flowerbeds or you can invest in pots and place next year’s crocuses, daffs and other spring splendors in these.

Check out your annuals and cut back any diseased leaves or stems. If you have a herb garden you should harvest your herbs as soon as they start to flower, this usually happens in September. Once harvested either dry or freeze your herbs to last through the winter months when you’re back in the city, dreaming about your holiday home.