How to prepare a wall for painting

Cleaning or change of style, if you’re going to paint in your home, the first thing you should know is how to prepare a wall for painting, although not complicated, it is a definitive step so that the final result is expected.

prepare wall for painting

The state of the wall that you have to paint, as well as the objective of this work, directly affects how to prepare a wall to paint. It is not the same paint on a wall to sanitize and clean without more objective, and even the same color.

The preparatory work may be very different, but in general, these tips are useful and applicable in all cases:

Check the wall
Before painting and even before deciding color or finish, it is important to check the wall or walls to be painted to be realistic with the choices and achieve the best possible result. Walls damaged with cracks, hole…. a very profuse, fat before painting… these need to be repaired and smoothed as possible.

Clearing the wall
Of course, before painting, you have to remove all the decorative elements you have in it, but also lamps or wall light. Also, in case of TV outlets, telephone jacks and/or light keys must cover and protect it properly.

Although not essential, it is highly recommended that sand the wall before painting so that the new paint is much better on the wall, improve the bottom line; especially recommended if you are going to make very abrupt changes of colors or if the new color is pretty solid. In the long term, the new coat of paint will last longer.

Information about the painting
It is very important, until you get to paint, that read carefully the recommendations, information and warnings from the manufacturer of the paint you’ve chosen, you can also ask professional questions about the purchase of a painting. Especially essential is to observe carefully drying times and hands or layers are recommended that for optimum finish.

Knowing how to prepare a wall for painting is essential to achieve a finish according to your taste and lasting in time, also you will get from the most simple and efficient way that painting look in color, texture and finish as expected.