How to place tiles for the garden

The decoration and design of the garden, there are plenty of options from which to choose to achieve the desired style. In this article learn how to create tiles and floor tiles with different materials to create paths to the beds, to the barbecue, the pool, or just to decorate the garden.

place tiles for the garden

Ideas for creating tiles in the garden
Trunks and branches. The first easy way to create floor tiles, is using logs and thick branches. When we find, buy or get a thick trunk, chop neat slices about 4 or 6 centimeters thick and neutral rub cooking oil and a brush every other day, for a period of one week allowing them to dry slightly. Then we just have to dig a little ground in the areas where we want to showcase these natural tiles, place the slices inside, and neat with land around it, so that its remain firm and fastened.

Building Materials. Another way is to reuse building materials such as hollow bricks or paving stones and floor tiles of material. Their placement is very simple: just as as we learned to do with the tiles of trunks, to place construction tiles materials we will hollow the soil and will place these elements, fixing them with ground around it.

To create our own tiles material, we use a frame (we can do as with wooden slats) and masking tape (commonly known as the “contact paper”, preferably transparent to avoid dye transfer). Place the adhesive paper up and adhere to it and wooden frame. It currently can locate snails, or objects you want, always placing the face down, so that it adheres to the paper. Then mix cement, sand and water (one part cement, two sand and water required to form a paste), and we pour over the frame, flattening it. When thoroughly dry, removed the tiles frame and removed the sticker paper.

This technique can be used with other materials, either with white cement, or even with resins that can color to taste, our garden giving the feeling of own water mirrors or tiles of colored glass, we invite you to walk through it and enjoy it.