How to place the photo frames

Place the photo frames at random is a big mistake. If we hang photo frames all over the walls of our living room, we can cause some feeling cramped. To avoid these situations, know the keys on how to place and group photo frames can be very helpful.

place photo frames

When we have a room of small proportions, the shelves do not usually leave us space to place our souvenir photos. The walls can be of great utility in this regard, because they will not take space on the shelves.

Group Picture
The first thing to keep in mind to make groupings photographs is practicing interaction between them. This interaction can be understood in the first place as “meaning”, i.e., that of a baby next to the picture of an old man are related to each other, we could understand even as a visual antonym.

Another way of understanding the interaction carrying photographs among themselves is in relation to the physical description of them. That is, the shape, size, etc. In this regard, it is important to realize that placing frames with the same colors, same size and same height is synonymous with monotony.

place photo frames

If our room is a mess this may be the result that we want. But if instead we want a wall that attracts attention and more attractive, we can organize the space by placing frames of different sizes, colors or even made from different materials. It is also a good idea to assess the possibility of combinations on the wall, pictures or diagrams or even linear shapes.

Other possibilities for organizing frameworks
Avoid monotony, combining different materials and colors. Those have been the proposals we have made so far. Is not that enough? There are a few more:

– For the more daring, the ability to combine pictures in vertical layout can be a pretty attractive option.

– Similarly, place photo frames in horizontal arrangement can also be an option to value.

For artists, we have a choice to love. This proposal is to draw something on the wall, a tree, for example, and on each drawn branch hanging small pictures.