How to place linoleum flooring

Linoleum floors are available in a wide range of colors, textures and finishes, achieving warm environment with its own characteristics.

place linoleum flooring

Linoleum floors are ideal for both external and internal environments, and very easy to maintain and clean.

Its placement should be performed by a professional, in the case of acquiring it in sheets, but if we do so in the form of tiles, we can install ourselves.

Place a linoleum floor, previous steps

The linoleum tiles can be purchased in different sizes can cover large areas and need not together. At the time of purchase the linoleum, calculate the area to cover and a little more for details.

The tiles must be stored in a dry place and install them as soon as possible. The first thing is to vacate fully the environment cover and clean the floor.

Before placing the linoleum definitely, it should remove from its original packaging and distribute a few hours earlier on the surface to cover, so that it is adapting to the characteristics of the environment.

Linoleum can be placed on almost any type of soil; one must be sound, dry and free of cracks. If the soil is not completely flat, it will be necessary to apply a paste before leveling.

Stuck and placement of linoleum

The adhesive used must be specific to this type of work and is applied with a notched trowel. You just have to pay close attention to the recommendations of the manufacturers.

After waiting the recommended time, you start to put the linoleum tiles, first in the center of the room and from there to the sides.

When finished, allow to dry thoroughly and replace furniture.