How to Paint the bathroom

The bathrooms usually go out of fashion very quickly, therefore, change your decor and style is important. But calm, because making this change is usually easy, fast and economical. Today we give you some ideas.

paint bathroom

An option to change the style of our bathroom is to paint it using special paints.

Prepare and paint
To start with the change of style in the bathroom we have to consider a few things before we get to work.

First, clean all the walls of the bathroom and then we will make sure they are very dry. This is important to do; otherwise the paint will not run properly adhered to the surface.

As for the painting, the generic recommendation is to use a clear paint, because in this way bathroom will look more light and bigger.

But if we already have a very large bathroom, we can risk with intense painting. A red passion, for example, or even black. If our bathroom is large we will not feel overwhelmed and give a unique touch to this room. Also, if our bathroom has large windows, this will be the perfect combination.

Special paints
Of course, in the bathroom use special paints, because the amounts of moisture that support these walls the painting must have specific characteristics. In the bathroom much water vapor condenses, is a very humid place and therefore will need to be specific to the paint that can withstand these conditions.

In this line, the recommendation of the experts is to use paint with synthetic enamel or satin latex paint. In addition, there are plenty of colors in these paintings, so we always have a wide range to choose from.

To apply the paint, we will do it as in any other room. Give a hand, let dry and apply another if necessary to achieve the desired result.