How to paint exterior walls

An exterior wall is not painted in the same way that the interior walls of a home. Also, when painting a wall have to previously check its state as it had some damage as cracks or damp.

paint exterior walls

It is important that we carry out this first review, because it will influence the type of painting that we choose and the technique that we are going to use.

Tips for painting exterior walls

Once we verify that the wall is in good condition we will have to clean it. Thus, when we apply this paint will stick better on it. How can we clean it? The best thing is that we use a water hose or a water pressure machine. Then we have to let the wall dry before start painting. Depending on the size, it will take more or less, but will be about two weeks. If we see that there is dirt between the bricks, we can remove with stiff bristle brushes and, if necessary, repair the joints of bricks.

The next step is choosing paint. It is advisable for a good choice is to look at the porosity of the walls, which also help us to know how many layers have to give. Thus, if it is a porous wall need to be apply at least 3 layers. We must remember that before applying a layer above must be completely dry. The recommended paint for the walls is the acrylic, it is drying very fast.

Roller for painting walls

As for rollers, ideally be of wool with a thick handle for the paint to better spread. It is important to have enough hair if the wall is very porous. At the time of painting we should do it in vertical strokes. If we use a brush it is convenient to have a width of 10 or 15 inches and hard hair if for porous walls.

Finally, we must think about the weather, as if painted on a windy day, the paint will dry quickly and will not give us time to extend it. On the other hand, if we do it on a hot day, the painting will lose its properties and crack.