How to organize a wedding in your garden

Intimate, personal and exclusive weddings are all the rage; if we add that the outdoor spaces are perfect for weddings and your garden is the site you’ve always dreamed of, to work.

organize wedding in the garden

Thanks to the services of current entertainment and dining at home is much easier to organize any event at home, including a wedding or a birthday party. The decor, staging and details to organize a wedding in your garden, with time and dedication will be easy and will take care yourself, if you like.

The weddings of nowadays are full of details, are exclusive and if you depart from such a personal and unique as your garden space, and you have much achieved. The first thing to do is weigh carefully the space with respect to the number of guests and the types of wedding celebration are going to do. An intimate wedding with less than 20 guests can be held in a medium-sized garden quite easily:

  • Organize a wedding plan. If you’re going to do ceremony and celebration, it is normal to count on two different environments. It is not very complicated, mount a holding area under a tree or white pergola and decorated for the occasion.
  • As for the banquet, lunch, dinner or cocktail party with which you are going to surprise your guests also have all options you can think of. Since having a classic wedding catering for your taste and cooking that you like, to organize an original and homemade food in which each guest will collaborate bringing something to share. If you have space and budget, the latest in the sector is having food truck on your wedding.
  • The decor is another point you cannot forget, it is best that primes a type of environment in which the natural contribution of your garden is the center of attention. To do so, before the wedding, you’ll have to do a demanding and complete development of your garden, of course.
  • The lighting should also planning and take care of it. Lighting chains are perfect for weddings, vintage, romantic and simple where there is not much space. Standing lights or candles are other possibilities.
  • The comfort of the guests is a key for a wedding to be a success, be realistic with the space and not skimp on points of relaxation that will make your wedding to be remembered for years.
  • The fun should be ensured at all wedding celebration, think about what kind of party can do in your garden: dancing, karaoke, disco … of course, do not skip the famous protocol and put a photo call in your garden wedding.

There are many details that you must prepare and keep in mind to organize a wedding in your garden, however, it is not only possible, but it is a very romantic and practical idea that will allow you to be part of the whole organization. If you do not have much time or if you feel a little lost, do not worry one wedding planner who will be able to advise and guide you in all the preparations and solve all your doubts.