How to Merge Modern and Traditional Tastes

You’re Mod but Your Partner Is Traditional
You have found the perfect partner or spouse and you are convinced that you will live happily ever after. However, once you move in together you discover that your tastes in decor are wildly different from one another. You’re strictly mod but your partner is more of a traditionalist, with tastes in furnishings to match. What to do?

modern and traditional chair

If you and your partner are well-matched in other areas, there is no reason to believe that you cannot merge modern and traditional tastes to create a home that you will both love. Plump armchairs and recliners can co-exist harmoniously in the same room. By strategic use of paint and accent pieces, along with willingness to compromise and a bit of ingenuity, you and your partner can produce spaces that feel like home to both of you.

Three particular strategies can be especially helpful in this endeavor. Begin by purchasing major pieces that you both love. Continue by adding traditional accents to a modern decor or by matching modern window treatments with an overall traditional look. In either case, the desired end result is a blending of the two styles.

Purchase Modern or Traditional Furniture That You Both Love
Your partner has a leather recliner that he simply cannot part with, while you have a glass and chrome coffee table that goes where you go, period. While it is OK to hold on to a few pieces that you cannot bear to get rid of, it’s best to start with a clean slate on both sides if at all possible. This means seeking out basics that are palatable to both your tastes. This may mean mixing and matching major pieces, such as a modern white leather couch with a traditional brass floor lamp and a rich dark wood coffee table and end table set. While the process may be stressful in the beginning, as your rooms begin to take shape tensions should begin to ease.

Add Traditional Accents to Modern Decor
If you and your partner are moving into your thoroughly modern flat, help your partner feel at home by adding traditional touches. Incorporate a pair of traditional armchairs that pick up one or more of the colors of your home’s modern color palate. Place the cool flat screen television inside a traditional wood entertainment center that can also hold a DVR and audio system, and hide everything away when you have company and which looks like a piece of fine traditional furniture when it is closed.

Add Modern Window Features to a Traditional Motif
If you are moving into your partner’s traditional home, add modern touches with bold window treatments that feature color blocks that reflect the colors in his traditional couch and armchair set. Decorate the walls with prints featuring bright colors. Create photo collages of your family and friends or of places you’ve visited together – or plan to. Install a platform bed that performs double duty as a storage chest while adding clean, modern lines. Not only will the bed add a modern focal point for the room, you may also free up space that would otherwise be devoted to a chest of drawers. The resulting clean, uncluttered look can help both of you achieve more restful sleep.