How to match colors

With the magic of colors we can completely change the look of any room. But not everything goes; there follow some minimum guidelines to achieve the desired effect.

match colors

The first thing we must realize is what we want to attract the eye, if the walls or furniture and details. If we opt for the walls and cheer up with bold colors as red, black or yellow, the choice of furniture we have to limit it to those who are light colored or neutral, to avoid large contrasts.

Choose white or gray soft for the walls will allow us to play with the colors and patterns of the curtains, carpets and cushions; as well as providing touches with small objects of adornment and lamps.

We suggest you to follow the 60-30-10 formula, the concept is very simple: first choose a color that predominates and occupying 60% of the space, then opt for a second color to become the next 30% and finally the remaining 10% will be the little touches that add color through objects.

The important thing is to make a good choice of colors, is very different than each other so that the effect is not very strong and finishes getting tired soon. It’s better to put a predominant color of a neutral tone; give more play when combining.