How to make your office more user-friendly

Sad as it is we spend almost one third of every week at the office, toiling away to earn a living and put food on the table. It might not be that bad, and hopefully work is actually an enjoyable experience, but however much you do or don’t enjoy it, we do spend an inordinate amount of time in the office. So it should do without saying then that the office environment should be comfortable and a fun and relaxed place to be. But how do you go about making the office like this? What tricks are there that can be employed? Here are a few tips for those who manage offices.

user-friendly office

Make it safe and secure

An office is a place of work and it is important that when people are there that they can relax and focus on the job at hand. Remove silly distractions that might sit in the back of your employees’ minds like safety and security. The last thing you want is for your staff to be worried about things like theft of personal belongings. The same applies to first aid and other emergencies. Make sure that everyone is briefed on who knows first aid and where the first aid kit is. Stay up-to-date with things like fire safety audits Sydney and other major cities have quite stringent rules in this regard. The important thing is that these basic, yet critical issues, are taken care of so that your staff can relax and know that they are safe.

It’s not just about the work

Yes, an office is a place of work, but productive staff cannot be expected to work for eight or nine hours a day without a break. Look for ways to allow them to relax within the office space – ideally something that encourages team building at the same time. Office games like pool or table tennis or foosball are all examples of activities that don’t take too much time, don’t make too much noise and which foster a spirit of competitive rivalry. Try find ways to make space for these types of fun in the work place.

Feed the beast

Happy staff are well fed and catered for. Budget may be a factor here and there is obviously no expectation for a five-star restaurant, but if at all possible make sure that the basic necessities are supplied so that your staff don’t need to leave on a regular basis to buy sustenance offsite. Things like fruit and bread and spreads are a good start. Obviously milk and coffee are important as well. If it is possible to add some more options to the mix as well as it will certainly sit well with the staff. And if it is too expensive to afford to cater so lavishly, then look to have a vending machine brought on site. Again, the goal is to ensure that the staff have easy access to kitchen and that they don’t need to leave the premises to have a lunch. You will be amazed at how much productivity increases.