How to make your garden the envy of your neighbours

Some people make their gardens appear so welcoming and comfortable. They are a mixture between manicured and free-form, there is space for barbequing and games but here is also space for tranquillity and nature. Quite how they create this balance is often very difficult to understand. Perhaps they have made use of a landscape designer, that is definitely possible, but more likely they have just employed some of the simple techniques laid out below. Follow these and you will find yourself on the road to having a garden that is the envy of all your friends and neighbours.

make your garden

Be bold

Gardens are big, and, in many cases, they do not lend themselves to subtlety. Granted, there is always space for beauty and small things, but the reality is that if you want to make an impression you need to think big and make bold gestures. A good example would be the placement of pots. Large garden pots Sydney nurseries and DIY shops will undoubtedly sell them, can be great features. Not tiny pots which look scaffy and almost accidental in their placement, but large, bold ones. Get one or two and place them in strategic places to give the garden so definition and scale.

Focal points

If a garden does not have key focal points, then it tends to be a sprawling space that is hard to fathom. You cannot have too many focal points without making it look like a circus, but a few key features are important. A large tree is a good example of such a feature. But it could be a water feature or a swing or a creeper-covered archway. There are plenty of things that can act as features, you just to assess the space that you have to work with and the type of thing that suits your garden and your own personality.

Relax a little

If your garden is too manicured and controlled, it doesn’t feel relaxed, and guests will feel nervous about doing anything other than just looking at it and appreciating it as a garden. But that is not the goal here, we want to create a garden in which you can entertain and relax with your friends. Make sure that all the basics are attended to: in other words that the lawn is regularly mowed and that it is neat and tidy, but if it looks like it has a team of fulltime gardeners maintaining it then nobody is going to want to throw a ball there or do anything that could ruin the perfection.

Trees for the win

Trees are majestic, they give a garden volume and they provide shade. Without a tree or two no garden is complete. And without a tree you will find that you are very limited in what you are able to do in the garden. Because trees provide options. You need a tree for a treehouse or as a place to hang a swing. A shady bench requires a tree. And trees provide mulch for plants and nesting space for birds. Make sure your garden has enough trees – it is great for the garden and it is very good for the world.