How to make imitation marble

One of the materials that are better in certain types of decoration and some surfaces are marble. But sometimes we can not afford, either because of their high cost or because we do not want to renew the furniture, and we only wish that seemed of such material. Therefore, we are going to teach a technique by which we can make a living get a perfect imitation of marble with a few simple steps.

imitation marble

Preparing the surface
To make an imitation marble on a surface such as a wooden table, wall, or any place we can think of, we need a fixer or colorless glaze, paint color we want, white paint, varnish, rubber gloves and a brush.

Firstly, we must clean the surface to try and leave it completely smooth and without traces of paint. To do this we can help in sandpaper or any tool for this purpose. Once we have prepared, apply a coat of white paint with a fixative product. When dry, add a layer of colorless polish or varnish to achieved more final results.

Apply the paint
The next step is to apply the color that you have chosen, to be a darker shade of that desire, and to be mixed with white paint. If for example we want a brown tone, contrast dark brown paint and price match the white, thus lightening the color. When we have the desired shade, without allowing it to dry, we’ll get the rubber gloves and we will support on the paint to create different patterns until it dries. Subsequently, we will repeat the same process but applying the paint color in the undiluted white paint. When we finish, we must let the paint dry a day and, finally, apply a coat of varnish so that everything is fitted and secured.

In this way we will have achieved a marble effect quite easily.