How to make furniture with cardboard boxes

More and more we are aware that we must care for the environment, but not only recycling paper or separating garbage, now also there is other “fashions” for being organic.

make furniture

Well, recycling has come to home decoration, but not in the way in which we knew so far, but by developing furniture with cardboard boxes.

Draw the pieces in the right way
Before we get to work with our board designs, we will do according to our real needs, so we should not have to fantasize and will need to take good measures. Internet is a good place to find some similar figures of this type of furniture that can serve us as a guide.

It is important that we draw each of the pieces in the right way; otherwise we can not assemble well. A good idea is to prepare a kind of small-scale model to see how the furniture will stay and if all the parts fit together.

When we have the ready design, we will draw the pieces have to be cut to actual size on special paper sheets known as kraft. It is best not to throw these templates, as we are later used to produce more this type of furniture or parts that are wasted.

We will trace the drawings in the pieces of pasteboard that we will use to do the furniture, keeping in mind that the thickness can support the weight.

At the moment we have ready the pieces, assemble it and will stick for added security, except if we are to carry furniture, as we will need to disassemble.

We will have to place reinforcements in areas that are in contact with the ground, which can get wet for any reason or which are exposed to high temperatures.

When we have the finished furniture, test all applications that we are going to take to make sure it is sufficiently strong and stable.