How to make a functional Hall

The hall of our home is a letter of presentation, not only of our house, but of ourselves, as the decor that we chose says a lot about us. But the design of the lobby, we have to be practical, as well as aesthetics, so today we review how to make a functional hall.

functional hall

By the hall is the busiest area of our house, so we must pay special attention to this area and seek a balance between the useful and the aesthetic. Making a functional hall is not difficult if we overlook some details.

It is a passageway
Everyone who visits us will go through our hall, so even though we have the temptation to reload this room with all ostentatious furniture in the house, the truth is that these can become disturb and hinder the movement, entries and outputs. For this reason, the hall must be an open area, which will allow our visitors said hello, enter, exit, etc.

Shoes off!
This point is not only a convenience, but also contributes to the order and cleanliness of our home. A good idea is to have our hall of a chair that supports when take off the shoes. There are some banks that have storage space, so it can be a very good idea to keep our shoes ordained while these do not occupy place in the house.

The warmth of the home
It is also essential to have a coat rack in our Hall, to be able to leave the shelter as soon as possible if we enter, or catch it easily if we left. The ideal is to become a large rack that can accommodate several coats simultaneously, if we have guests. An example of this would be a closet in which to place our jackets in an orderly manner; if in addition, we introduced into the interior to take advantage of the lower part the bank to take off our shoes, it will be a triumph. In this case, we will need an extra umbrella stand to leave the umbrella when it’s raining.