How to keep the roof of our house

One of the parts of our house we often do not pay attention it deserves is the roof. It is essential to revise periodically and repair if necessary to prevent possible leakage of water to end up causing a leak in our home. Or just to avoid any loose tile or malfunction can cause an accident.

keep roof

The weather is the main cause of damage and havoc on roofs, due to the rains and storms that may occur.

Loose tiles and cracks
First, we must establish a schedule of reviews of the roof to not spend too much time without go up to inspect its status. It is also convenient to carry out extraordinary inspections if there was a storm with strong winds or snow has fallen in abundance.

Once we’re on the roof, we must ensure that all the tiles are firmly secured to prevent from falling out. If there were some a little loose, we must watch for cracks or holes through where water can seep or even promote the growth of fungi. If so, we have to clean the crack and proceed to sealing to prevent any outsider can enter and cause further damage. This is the first step we must take if we are to prevent leaks appear in one of the rooms of our house.

Accumulation of leaves and snow
Another problem that may have a roof is the accumulation of elements such as leaves or snow. Although in principle it may not seem dangerous, if not we will removing them periodically and let it accumulate, the weight can cause cracks in the roof structure. In the same way, we will have to watch if there are trees nearby, because the branches may not touch or rest on the roof. For this reason we should removing tops if necessary.

In conclusion, if we review from time to time the roof of our house we can fix damages under a simple way and avoid greater nature breaks that lead us much more effort both physical and economic.