How to illuminate your living room

Light is an important element that can help enhance the decor of a space or ruin it completely. So you have to pay attention and consider options. Discover all the keys on how to illuminate your living room.

illuminate living room

The living room is one of the most important rooms in the house and also the most complicated, given its versatility. The living room serves to accommodate family or friends or to relax watching TV or reading a book after a long day of work meetings. According to the points of light you will need to consider using a suspension on the table lamp, wall lamps for the area of the sofas and floor lamps to replace the natural lighting at night.

To ask yourself how to illuminate your living room know that we must have general light, mood light and spot light. Its combination will help create the atmosphere for meetings, other more relaxed and functionality that will allow you to read or watch TV properly.

Types of lighting for the living room
The important thing in regards to the general light is not creating shadows that are as uniform as possible. This is accomplished with one or more chandeliers. If the room is large it may be inserted in the center with steerable spotlights. In the case of using several lamps, it should have a minimum distance of one meter so that no shadows occur. Halogen lamps are allied to general lighting. It should be installed in different phases to ensure varying degrees of light and should never be placed on the TV, because it can be annoying.

illuminate living room

The floor lamps are ideal for the ambient light. If it is incorporate a dimmer, much better. You can place them next to the sofas or armchairs. In these the lamp must be placed in such a way that provides enough light for reading or relaxing.

The point light used to illuminate some of the elements of your living room. You can place point lights on shelves or tables, for example. These lamps must be proportional to the element that illuminate and should give a not-too-powerful light, to avoid excessive shadows. In this case you have many options: from wall lights with pliers for libraries, mobile or fixed points. The important thing is to place them at a safe distance, to avoid glare.