How to Hire a Window Cleaner for Home or a Small Business

Window cleaning may seem like an easy job, but it’s not so when the household or the building is large. Certain conditions call for window cleaners to get on dangerous scaffolding or ascend and descend buildings. All this is in addition to getting grime and dirt off windows, which in itself requires knowledge and know-how.

window cleaner for home

So, if you have a multi-storey house or a small office building with huge windows situated way above ground that requires cleaning, you need professional workers who know what they are doing. Here is a list of suggestions for finding a great window cleaner for the right price for residential or small business projects:

Hire a High-Tech Company

If the windows that needing cleaning is located on second or higher floors, then the workers might have to get off the ground on scaffolding or harnesses. This is inherently dangerous. Some window cleaning companies have adapted new technologies, like ionic systems telescopic cleaning poles, that allow workers to clean high windows from the ground, so they don’t have to get into potentially dangerous situations. Also, companies that invest in tech can get your windows cleaned better and faster. So, seek out such a company to get the best value for your company.

Hire Insured Workers

Insurance is absolutely necessary when you hire window cleaners. The company must have insurance to cover accident or property damage. You can always ask, and request a proof of insurance in case a legal need arises. Do not get window cleaners without insurance coverage. If there is an incident, you could end up paying millions in damages, or face a situation where you have to go to trial.

Decide on a Ranging Price Estimate

Most window cleaners are shy on giving exact estimates. You must know the price before you actually hire the cleaners. This will prevent you from having to get into a nasty dispute with the cleaning company. Always ask pointed questions about pricing, and make sure you know all additional charges that may be listed on the bill. Considering the nature of the project, some workers will hesitate to give you an exact estimate. Therefore, it’s advantageous to agree on a price range that satisfies your budget and the cleaner’s expectations.

Check Previous Customer Reviews and Testimonials

You should always check what the company’s other customers have said about their service. You can check online ratings website and the company’s own website for customer reviews and testimonials. Read negative customer reviews as well to find out exactly why. Needless to say, there should be more positive reviews than negative ones.

Avoid Commercial Building Companies

Commercial building window cleaning services have high worker turnout rates. That means such places employ unskilled workers who are often on temporary contracts. That means that professional window cleaners will not attend to your project. Therefore, hire a specialist in the field with workers who have good experience in cleaning windows without damaging the property.

Find a Local Company

Local companies are often better suited for residential cleaning because these companies actually hire workers who are trained and have experience in window cleaning. You can benefit from professional skills without worrying about common problems like having furniture damaged. Local companies also know neighborhoods and common problems that affect homes in an area, thus making them more capable than most to get your windows clean.

The above tips should help you hire the best window cleaner your home or small business needs.