How to hang a picture?

Whether a work of art that you hang on the wall, such as a poster or a framed, the important thing is how you have to do so, i.e. the distance, height, stay where you think to hang it, etc. All is very important in this case so we clarify a number of questions for whatever you intend to hang, perfect fit.

hang picture

Necessary tools

To begin, you must have a range of materials to hang your picture as well as take into account the weight of this so that the result is ideal.

To do this you will require some cues which vary in size depending on the wall you’re going to hang the picture, along with some hooks, some sockets, a meter, a hammer, a drill, a wire and hangs easily. These last ones can find in a DIY store.

If it is a small picture

If it is not too heavy may even have a specific structure that is going to help it hold properly. If this is not the case, you just get stuck in its top frame some sockets to enter after the easy hang up on the wall that you will avoid making holes.

If you put three sockets in addition, the picture will not fall. It is important to be well focused and to do this you can use a spirit level or move from side to side to get it. Once you are well framed, simply brush with the wall serve to keep it straight.

If it is a medium picture

In this case the ideal is that you insert few sockets in the vertical walls of the frame that are at the same height to what you’ll have to use the subway.

When you’ve completed this work, tightens a wire of a socket to another and hang to a spike that you previously inserted in the wall. Do it in the central part of the yarn to achieve a horizontal position.

If it’s a large picture

These are the most difficult to place. This places two sockets on the rear of the frame to support the weight. It is very important that they are also at the same distance.

Use a spirit level to make you look good landscape picture and when you have it in the right place, press the wall to get to leave the mark of the sockets.

Drill these signs and put a rubber pad with its right peg. Be careful if the picture is heavy and the wall is too weak, then you may find yourself with chipping on it.

Tricks that can help you

If you put a picture vertically in a small room, it will gain in amplitude. If on the other hand, it is a large room, you will need pictures of bigger dimensions.

To put pictures on the walls of any hall placed them in a row.

The correct height of the placement of the pictures will be that you have left to the half height of the view.