How to give a retro touch to the kitchen

Betting on the past is never a mistake in decoration, but also if you know how to give a retro touch to the kitchen, you will achieve a much warmer and welcoming space, such as ancient kitchens, neuralgic center of the home.

retro touch to the kitchen

To learn how to give a retro touch to the kitchen and not to miss in the attempt, or fill your kitchen slightly favoring details, it is best that note some tips and bet on originality and exclusive details. There are retro touches that demand changes and much renovation, but also some more simple that you can adapt to your kitchen with a lot of facility.

– If you are going to change your kitchen into depth and you want the retro touch, use this trick: on the walls, the tiles have to be white and better small and rectangular. It will be the perfect base to create a vintage or retro kitchen then you can go customizing with other details.

– A damaged appliance, without solution, it is also an opportunity to give an ancient touch to your kitchen, especially if it is the refrigerator. When you look for a replacement, you will find many models on the market with designs inspired by the past and get the double function: practical and decorative element.

– Lighting is also a useful way to give a different touch to the kitchen. If you have a large kitchen and bar area or dining table, placed on it, at least, three simple lamps and basic shades, long and that hang enough.

– The shelves at sight and bars on the top for hanging kitchen tools are two easy ideas to adapt to any kitchen and will give a very contemporary retro touch. On the shelves, placed decorative elements, but for kitchen: coffee sets, coffee maker or old grinder or a few traditional porcelain pots, for example.

With these tips and a little imagination, you know how to give a retro touch to the kitchen. Now you just have to get down to work and adapt trends to your needs and tastes, since it is important that the kitchen is always personal and comfortable for people who use it and enjoy it.